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U+ One 准备行动计划

What is the U+ One Ready to Action Program?

The U+ One Ready to Action Program is a joint program run by U+ in partnership with OneHub, specifically designed for people who want to stand out from other candidates in the competitive job market.

In this course, we will tell you how to show your strength and provide you with the training that you need to succeed in your industry.

Business Plan

Program Introduction

  • Provide consultation and resume modification services according to your personal background.

  • Interview simulation, interview assault counseling and post-employment planning.

  • Learn about the industry in advance through the self-study content from excellent courses and tutorials.

  • Professional Career Partner's full process 1v1 provides job search guidance services, recruit information, job recommendation information.

Business Handshake

Program Objectives

  • To develop a full electronic profile of candidates in their career search with the focus on emerging trends of job searching.

  • To maximize the soft skills of candidates during job search and interview.

  • To achieve a higher level of preparedness and confidence of candidates in approaching an interview (online or in person).

Business Meeting

Expected Outcomes

  • More confidence, self-awareness and preparedness to face the emerging trend of job search and interview platform.

  • Better alignment of future trends and expectations.

  • Positioning uniqueness and strength to maximize the impact of applications and conversations.

What we Offer

Meet our Coaches/Mentors


Lin Tian 拥有超过20年的人力资源管理经验。凭借她在人才招聘和管理咨询方面的丰富经验,她曾经帮助了人们发现他们的梦想职业,并为他们提供工具和求职策略来获得这些工作。




Lin Tian 拥有超过20年的人力资源管理经验。凭借她在人才招聘和管理咨询方面的丰富经验,她曾经帮助了人们发现他们的梦想职业,并为他们提供工具和求职策略来获得这些工作。

2021-12-05 (12).png



Alayne 是一位作家和人力资源协调员。 Alayne 在人力资源招聘方面拥有丰富的经验,包括简历筛选、招聘会、面试和 LinkedIn 帖子。 Alayne 专门从事 LinkedIn 招聘,已经筛选了数千名候选人担任项目协调员、网站开发人员等各种职位。在业余时间,Alayne 是一名英语/法语教师,并出版了一本名为《教你的孩子另一种语言:2022 年英语教师的观点》的书。



Registration Details

tuition fee

  • Early Career Development

    • $399

  • Ready to Action Package

    • $960

when & where?

  • Virtual Zoom Room

  • Meeting ID: To be determined

  • Safe and Secure

target audience

  • University students and
    graduate students searching for jobs

  • Want to be prepared and
    confident in interviews

  • Want to take actions and
    achieve 5-year goal

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