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U+ Career 活动

U+ Career 提供各种活动/研讨会,包括专业简历评论和信息研讨会,旨在为希望在工作领域变得更有竞争力的人们提供资源。 

U+ Career 活动

U+ One 准备行动计划

A presentation at the office

日期和时间:2022 年 5 月

U+ One Ready to Action Program 是 U+ 与 OneHub 合作开展的一项联合计划,专为希望在竞争激烈的就业市场中脱颖而出的人而设计。在本课程中,我们将告诉您如何展示自己的实力,并为您提供在行业中取得成功所需的培训。

University Seminar

Date & Time: August 13 @ 12:00 PM EDT

University students from UofT, UWaterloo, McMaster, and uOttawa will be sharing their experiences in applying to majors like CS, Business, Life Science, Engineering, and more! They will provide information on how to prepare for courses, how to get ready for university applications, how to write secondary applications, how to obtain a higher average, and a lot more! 

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Resume Tips & Critique Seminar

Date & Time: August 4 @ 1:30 PM EST

Improve your resume while understanding what businesses are expecting from applicants on their resumes and cover letters. Scan the QR code on the poster to the left or click the button below to enroll in the session.  

Career Ready!

Date & Time: March 13th - 17th @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm EST

Building a perfect resume can be difficult when you are on your own. This program is a career readiness series that helps you prepared for interviews, maximize your resume and cover letter potentials, improve your public speaking skills, and strengthening your leadership skills. Each participant will get individual feedback and help on their documents. Let career professionals help you take your first step to a successful career.

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日期和时间:美国东部标准时间 6 月 4 日星期六上午 10 点和下午 1:30


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