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U+ Career

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Facilitates the meeting and introduces participants with roles, ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Sergeant at Arms
Responsible for helping set up the meeting and welcoming guests.

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Table Topics Master
Challenges guests and participants with impromptu speaking about the weekly topic. Prepares questions related to the topic beforehand and invites everyone to speak.

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Listens to the words used by each speaker and takes note of good vocabulary. Also chooses a word to present to the meeting that will expand our vocabulary. Challenges participants to use it during impromptu speaking.

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Listens to all speakers and notes any errors in grammar, especially filler words like “um” or “ah”.

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Monitors time of speakers during the speech and the table topics portion. Display differently coloured cards at time milestones to indicate how long they have spoken.

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General Evaluator
Provides positive and constructive feedback to all members and speakers to help them improve while ensuring the club maintains good quality meetings.

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