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Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Engineers understand the mechanics of items to further their scientific understanding and discoveries. This helps them push the boundaries of what humans are capable of.

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Medical Studies

Medical studies are courses that take one down the path to becoming a doctor of medicine. Medical studies also test out new medicines and medical devices while compiling all the research gained. 



Graduates of this program have skills and knowledge that will allow them to take jobs requiring legal research and analysis, human rights advocacy, information access issues, and an understanding of privacy.



The study of politics is a social science where students will analyze political activities, and political behavior, while learning and understanding the government and political institutions. 

Image by Sai Kiran Anagani

Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computers and computing systems. Students in this field will focus on math, algorithms​, development, application, problem-solving, programming languages and software systems. 


Business Studies

In Business Studies, students will learn all about the financial and economic management, accountancy, marketing, resource management and operations. Students can learn the vast skills taught in the various sectors of business, helping them decide which path to go down.

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