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Our Team

About Me

Lin Tian has over 20 years of experience in HR management. With her extensive experience in Talent Acquisition and Management

Consulting, she helps people discover their dream career and give them

the tools and job search strategies to land those jobs.

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About Me

Tim holds a medical degree from McMaster University and Bachelor of Science from Queens University. Dr. Tim Xu has over 15 years of experience in resume editing and career counseling. As a Medical Doctor, Tim has extensive in science and medicines, and he has helped hundreds of young students prepare for medical school interview and application.

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About Me

Ronger is Chief Editor at U+ Career. Ronger has over 20 years of experience in editing and translation. As an entrepreneur and educator, Ronger has helped many young talents with resume editing and supporting the grant writing.



About Me

Julia graduated with Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and International Development at the McGill University. Julia founded "Win Big with Julia" and has supported many people with resume and LinkedIn editing. She also coached candidates with interview preparation that helped them land job offers.

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About Me

Nioumon has over 5 years in customer services and HR management. Nioumon is experienced in every aspect of HR management including recruitment, standard operating procedure, and career consulting. Nioumon has a track record of successful recruitment of >15 staff in 1-month.



About Me

Ralph is a Senior Scientist/Engineer at the Stanford University in the USA. Graduated with PhD in Biomedical Science, Ralph has been mentoring junior scientists for over 10 years. Ralph has extensive experience in career consulting in Life Sciences and has helped numerous Masters and PhD students with resume revision. Additionally, Ralph is skilled at scientist research and writing and has a successful track record of >10 published articles.



About Me

Sujie is a well-established HR Coordinator. Specialized in interview preparation, team building, and employee relation management, Sujie has experience supervising a huge team of >40 staff in an Educational Technology company in Toronto and Sujie is proud of supporting youth seeking the first job after high school.



About Me

Alayne is an author and HR coordinator. Alayne has extensive experience in HR recruitment including resume screening, career fair, interviews, and LinkedIn posts. Specialized in LinkedIn recruitment, Alayne has screened over thousands of candidates for various roles such as Project Coordinator, Website Developer. In her spare time, Alayne is English/French teacher and published a book titled Teaching Your Child Another Language: Perspectives from English Teachers in 2022.



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